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  • #Named One of Phoenix Magazine's Top Doctors for 19 Years
  • #Providing Minimally Invasive Solutions To Common Surgical Problems.
  • #Board Certified General Surgeon. Fellow Of The American College Of Surgeons.
  • #Conveniently Located In The Historic District Of Phoenix.
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  • #Named One of Phoenix Magazine's Top Doctors for 19 Years


Dr. Charles Castillo is a fellowship-trained general surgeon with a practice in Phoenix, Arizona. He has been in practice since 1992 and has been recognized for 19 years running by Phoenix Magazine as one of the area's Top Docs.

Dr. Castillo provides a broad spectrum of General Surgery solutions to common medical problems. He and his staff are committed to giving their patients the highest quality of medical care while maintaining a warm, personalized, and professional patient relationship.

Dr. Castillo is on the forefront of new medical technology and procedures, and was the first in Arizona to perform sentinel node biopsies, which have since become widely used by skilled surgeons as a less invasive method to identify and remove cancerous lymph nodes in breast cancer patients.

Proficient at laparoscopic surgery, Dr. Castillo offers patients a minimally invasive option for many conditions. He performs both traditional and minimally invasive surgery, and will determine which is the best option for your condition. He offers the least invasive approach possible for each situation.

Minimally invasive surgery offers patients the following advantages:

  • Less pain and discomfort
  • Minimal scarring
  • Greater surgical precision
  • Fewer complications
  • Reduced risk of infection

If you have any questions, or would like to make an appointment, we welcome you to call us at 602-340-0201.

What Patients Say About Dr. Castillo!

Hoyt P. - "Dr. Castillo is very professional, considerate and caring. His communication style is very down to earth and he listens to patient concerns. I saw Dr. Castillo for a right inguinal hernia and he found I had a recurrent left inguinal hernia as well. He performed surgery on both in December of 2017, assisted by his PA Joni. Both showed great bedside manner during the entire process, ensured that I was comfortable with every step of the surgery and post-op instructions. His entire staff showed great concern for my condition and called post-op to see how I was doing. I highly recommend Dr. Castillo and have referred several family members and friends to his office."

Karla M. - "Dr. Castillo is extremely knowledgeable in many diverse areas. I have a fairly unknown disease and he knew exactly how surgery or even an injection could flair up the disease. For nine years I had seen doctors in Wyoming, Utah and Nevada and no knew why I was in pain. He determined what was happening in the first 5 minutes! He is also, kind caring and genuinely concerned about his patients well-being. What a wonderful person and even better doctor."

Leslye L. - "Dr.Castillo is absolutely the best! I suffered with some excruciating pain on my upper right side and after goin to diffrent Doctors, my answer was that there was nothing abnormal on my ultrasound or labs. Thankfully i got reffered to Dr.Castillo by a friend he took my gallbladder out and my pain has been gone! He just knows what he is doing and makes you feel like family and not just a patient. Not to mention his staff is so nice and makes you feel so comfortable. Lisa his MA answered all my questions and was able to acomodate me in his schedule as soon as that same week. And his PA Jonni was awesome!!"

Susan - "Every year I search for new health insurance and the only doctor I insist is on the list is Dr. Castillo. I had breast cancer in 2010 and now understand that our ob/gyns do not specialize in this. I trust Dr. Castillo and go back for a yearly exam. There is no better nurse than his nurse Lisa who helped me navigate through the trauma of breast cancer and the myriad of appointments and check-ups and followups. I have and will continue to recommend this team for breast health and all other."

K - "Everything from first appts to last went well, and they answered my questions.. he has a confident outlook and a sense of humor, even took a Saturday call with a question I had after surgery.. thankyou for everything you did...since I had some golf ball sized stones. Your a great surgeon..thank you"

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More Patient Testimonials!

Rachel P. - "LOOK NO FURTHER! Dr. Castillo is the BEST surgeon and doctor anyone could ask for! He saved my career, he saved my health, and arguably my life.. because who could continue to live in such debilitating pain?! 20 years of misdiagnosis, a new gastroenterologist I had been seeing for only six months finally found the issue= a non-functioning gallbladder, NOT gerd/IBS/Dyspepsia...then threw me under the bus to find my own surgeon. Suffering every moment of existence from gallbladder attacks, unable to eat or phone calls to find a surgeon were in tears. One office said they couldn't get me in for a month, another told me to mail my results through USPS before they would even schedule me....I was lucky enough to call dr. Castillo's office 4th...and FINALLY be taken seriously, they got me an appointment in less than 24 hours, and had me under the knife in 72 hours!! I have NO AMOUNT OF WORDS to express the INCREDIBLE GRATITUDE I have for Dr Castillo and his staff; from the front desk, to his medical assistant, the anesthesiologist... every single person was unbelievably kind & professional. Especially since I have severe ADHD/anxiety, increased by fears of my first abdominal surgery. Doctor Castillo never lost his smile, never lost his patience. Everything went exactly as he said, the incisions were more perfect than that of a plastic surgeon, and I am happy to declare I have NO symptoms, no morning nausea!!! I can eat ANYTHING for the first time in 20 years!!! For the love of God, seek no further, you have found your medical diamond in the rough! Dr. Castillo and staff I will never forget you!! And I'll never be able to thank you enough!"

Evelyn C. - "Dr. Castillo is AMAZING! Pre-op he took the time to listen to my concerns, gave me very detailed instructions, and was very knowledgeable in terms of specific practical details I needed to know. His staff was very attentive and completed all of my paperwork for surgery in a punctual manner. He is such an attentive Dr that he even asked my husband for his phone number to contact me as soon as the operation was over. You couldn't find a more professional and attentive doctor. Hats off Dr. Castillo!"

Teresa P. - "Wonderful, caring staff! There is a reason Dr. Castillo has such an outstanding reputation. He provided great care and compassion with my 88 year old mother's surgery. Her recovery was smooth and quick. The pre-procedure and post-procedure process was explained thoroughly. Thank you to Dr. Castillo and your superb staff!"

Celia R. - "Dr. Castillo was awesome. He removed a decent sized lipoma from the back of my shoulder. The process was quick and he walked me through every step. I felt comfortable and at ease the entire time. I had a question a few days after my surgery on a Saturday and spoke to him directly. I can't say enough."

Jackie E. - "Wish I had saved the photo Dr. Castillo took of my gall badder when he removed it. He said he'd never seen one like mine, so he gave me a photo! This amazing man has performed two surgeries for me. I wish all doctors were like him. He is incredibly kind, brilliant, thoughful and skilled beyond words. He has an uncanny way of explaining your medical condition and what lies ahead----and this is very cnforting. Very easy to talk to. He is very considerate. Yep, he is an anomaly in the medical world. If you need surgery, this is the man to see. He is gifted."

Susan N. - "Dr Castillo and his nurse, Lisa, are spot on! So attentive and competent and always make me feel like I'm the only patient in the world. They both ushered me thru breast cancer- they sincerely understand what that's like for the patient"

Tom M. - "One of the coolest Surgeons/Doctors I've met. It's been a long time since I've seen him, but when I did he was very confident and reassuring. I had a whopper of a case of acute nectrotizing pancreatitis and he diagnosed my problem within 5 minutes of seeing me. Long story short. Dr's were puzzled by what was causing it, but six months later we found out he was 100% correct with his diagnosis. He removed my gal bladder and 5 gal stones that were causing the pancreatitis. He worked magic getting the stones out of the ducts. I haven't had any issues since. I highly recommend."

Linda K. - "I saw Dr. Castillo in February of this year as I was having gallbladder problems and wanted to get educated. Dr. Castillo listened to all my considerations about having the surgery and gave me his best advice. I decided to be proactive and have my gallbladder removed. Glad I did as I had over 200 gallstones! The surgery was a total success with no problems & Dr. Castillo had several post-op suggestions that were very helpful for my recovery. I would definitely recommend him highly to anyone!"

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